Starbucks is a morning essential, but not necessarily an afternoon destination. In order to drive more afternoon visits, Starbucks created a new Happy Hour program offering personalized deals on Starbucks beverages from 3-5pm. Our challenge was to create a paid social campaign that would drive both awareness of and participation in the Happy Hour program.


Loved by millions, the iconic Starbucks cup has been at the center of the Starbucks social conversation for years. And since the beverages served in this cup are at the heart of the Happy Hour offering, we made them the hero of our social campaign, bringing the wildly delightful energy of Happy Hour to social feeds in an irresistible way.

Our series of short vignettes feature Starbucks beverages in a festive Happy Hour environment enticing our audience with the promise of happy goodness. Each one provides a glimpse into the happiness that awaits, showing our audience just how delightful their day can become with Starbucks Happy Hour.

All sets were handcrafted to reinforce the quality craftsmanship of Starbucks beverages, and everything was shot in camera to feel more human and social in nature. We used stop motion and gif animation to bring them to life and make them feel like popular, shareable social content instead of ad-like objects. The social-first mini masterpieces were coupled with emotive acquisition messaging to encourage fans to join the Happy Hour program. The campaign ran as dark posts across social channels, targeting those with an affinity for Starbucks.

Content Sizzle Reel with Sound

Social Ad Units

Posts have been included without sound so they did not compete with each other. Please view sizzle reel above for sound effects.



We exceeded all engagement and acquisition benchmarks, most impressively crushing our cost per acquisition goal by 33%. Total number of new Happy Hour members is confidential.